Advanced Training

So you have an adult dog that you’d like to improve your training with agility, manners, obedience, tricks and more?

If you have completed our Intermediate Course you are ready for our Advanced Course.

During this course we explore the incredible abilities of dogs to learn!

  • Competition Obedience Present. Healwork. Retrieve. Stay.
  • Competition Agility
  • Tracking/Search and Find and other nose work
  • Working off lead
  • Instant Recall

Personal help always on offer

We always have time to learn how to work on specific training problems that owners have so you get to ask specific questions and we sort that out for you.

How long and how much?

The Advanced course runs for 5 weeks and costs $100. Each week you take home training notes to help you practice what you’ve learned that day.

What we don’t cover

We don’t cover behavioural problems such as escaping the section, barking at home, chasing cats etc so if you have a problem please let me know and we’ll arrange a one-one-one training session or home visit.

Give me a call on 06 345 2553 or email me via the contact page to confirm if you would like to do the course and we look forward to meeting you.

Also be sure to download and fill in the registration forms before coming in. If you are unable to do so, don’t worry, we will fill them in with you when you first come.

Continue learning and having fun with your dog!

Registration Forms