Agility – $12 per Class

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Wednesday Nights – 4:30pm.

Agility teaches focus, strengthens bonds and is a fun way to provide an outlet of energy for athletic,  bright and high energy dogs.

Anxious and nervous dogs gain self confidence through the gentle introduction and training on agility equipment.

Humans of all ages can train agility; your dog wants to – you just have to get him here!

Dogs from 4 months are welcome. Ground work, basic obedience, tunnels and off lead training is taught while young bones strengthen and muscle builds.

Once your trainer is satisfied that the safe and correct way to use all the agility equipment has been learned by owners and their dogs our agility equipment and paddock is available for individual training by Pet Dog School students at any time.

Owners please note: A number of classes are held during the week in the agility paddock so owners are advised to call to confirm the equipment and paddock are free before arriving for a training session.

Train safe; ensure your dog is healthy, and fit, warm yourself and your dog up before jumping and twisting and keep sessions short and fun. Remember your dog wants to please you and will keep training even when tired or sore. Tiredness can cause mistakes and mistakes can cause injury.

Also be sure to download and fill in the registration forms before coming in. If you are unable to do so, don’t worry, we will fill them in with you when you first come.

Registration Forms