Doggy Daycare

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Mon to Fri: 7:45 – 6pm. Full & half days regular and casual stay welcome.

Give your dog a break from being home alone. Constantly supervised dogs play, explore and chill out in our large indoor space, beautiful paddocks, wilderness hill and sandy beach with paddling pools. New toys, treat balls, bubble machines and ball pit – if it’s fun, we do it.

Welcome to Pet Dog School Doggy Daycare

Sarah opened Doggy Daycare Wanganui in 2012 at the Pet Dog School. Doggy Daycare accepts dog friendly dogs Monday to Friday from 7:45 to 6:00 and is a fantastic way to allow Sarah and her qualified / experienced staff to entertain lucky dogs in play, while practicing social skills while enjoying a day of fresh air, cuddles and company. Now Wanganui dog owners can go to work without having to feel guilty about saying goodbye or can simply give their pet something different and exciting to look forward to during the week.

Pups can come to daycare from as young as 10 weeks old, as soon as they have their second vaccination jab (including Canine or ‘Kennel Cough’), and have been at their forever home for at least one week; Assigned their own carer for their stay, qualified staff support all their baby attempts at socialising while continuing their toilet training, chew toy habit practice and promote confidence with strangers of all ages. All this confidently without their own humans, so no budding separation anxiety issues, while having a wonderful time learning to be a happy, confident, social dogs.

“At Pet Dog School we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of dogs and the needs of owners to do the very best for them EVEN when they cannot be there to provide it themselves.”

“Pet Dog school daycare for dogs provides stimulation, company, over an acre of inside and outside space to socialise, explore and enjoy the company of caring humans and friendly, fun-loving dogs.”

High energy or low energy – there’s a place for everyone

All energies are welcome for full days of course but here are a few pointers:

  • Quiet and low energy dog? Afternoon sessions for half day bookings are recommended.
  • High energy dog? Half day bookings in mornings only.
  • By the afternoon high energy, full day dogs have started to run out of energy a little!
  • Mondays and Fridays are good days for small or big, quiet dogs as these tend to be the quieter, calmer days.
  • All dogs are monitored constantly throughout their stay so that each one’s personality and needs are catered for.

Benefits of attending Doggy Daycare:


  • Continuation of toilet training
  • Learning and practicing social skills with new dogs and new humans
  • Learning appropriate chew toy habits
  • Learning good play skills with all sizes and ages of doggy friends
  • Practice settling down
  • Prevents separation anxiety

Adult dogs

  • Improved social skills with unfamiliar dogs and people
  • Opportunity to use up excess energy allowing them to settle down with you in the evening


  • Digging
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Escaping
  • Nuisance barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • …and more

Owners report their dogs are calmer, more attentive and relaxed in the evening and on days between daycare visits.

“Taxi for Doglett”

We provide a pick-up and delivery service for our daycare clients. Making it EVEN easier to provide the loving care and attention your pet has become accustomed to…even on your busiest days.

Just $8 one way; Pick up or drop off only or both, it’s your call.

Also be sure to download and fill in the registration forms before coming in. If you are unable to do so, don’t worry, we will fill them in with you when you first come.

Registration Forms