Grooming in the Grooming Room at Pet Dog School

Every dog needs regular grooming. Grooming plays an important part in the overall care of your dog. Short or long haired, wirey, silky, long or short. Puppies should be introduced to grooming as early in life as possible, especially those who, as adults, will require regular grooming and clipping. We will recommend the breed standard clip or as close to it as possible however we are experienced in creating super cute and totally practical styles for mixed breed too and we will help you choose which style best suits you and your dog. (We like it when you bring a photo of a style you’ve seen and trying to make your pet look just like it).

Occasionally, especially after periods of moulting, matting may mean it is fairer for your dog and more cost effective for you to clip your pets coat right back. We prefer not to do this so we work hard to ensure our prices are fair and the period of time we recommend between grooms is appropriate for the style you love. We also help you choose the right brushes and combs to keep on top of your dogs beauty treatment at home. Hair does grow back, usually very close to the texture it was before and our advice will help you keep the new hair healthy as it grows back to your preferred length.

During your dogs pampering session their nails are trimmed and their coat prepared before bathing. During their bath we check their anal glands and empty them if required. We have a state of the art hydro bath and only use shampoos designed especially for your dog’s coat type, colour and texture. We are also mindful of skin conditions and sensitive skins and will always ask about the health of your dogs skin before we begin grooming. Owners are invited to supply their own shampoo especially if the dog has a veterinary prescribed product.

Once the coat is fully dried, using warm air dryers, we create the style of your choice.

To complete your pets pampering we pluck out pesky ear hair and maybe take a photo, then your dog is ready to go home or continue playing at Doggy Daycare.

Full groom. Dogs groomed every 8 weeks or sooner.
Small breeds: From $65.00
Medium breeds: From $75.00
Large breed: From $85.00
Longer periods between grooms may incur further charge depending on extra time required. This will be discussed with you BEFORE we begin grooming.
Beauty between Regular Groom – Wash, blow-dry, nails, ears, anal glands and tidy up.
Small breeds: From $35.00
Medium breeds: From $45.00
Large breed: From $55.00
Eye/Fringe trim, nail clip, bottom trim, no bath.
Small breeds: From $25.00
Medium breeds: From $25.00
Large breed: From $25.00
Doggy Daycare dogs ONLY – during their daycare visit.
Eye/Fringe Trim: FREE
Nail clip: FREE
Ear pluck: FREE
Anal gland empty: FREE
Capstar flea tablet $8.00
(Capstar kills adult fleas currently on the dog and will be administered to daycare dogs if we find fleas)
Non-Doggy Daycare Dogs
Eye/Fringe Trim: $15.00
Nail clip: $15.00
Ear pluck: $15.00
Anal gland empty: $15.00
Matted dogs will incur an extra $15 on top of groom.
Dogs with fleas will be treated with a flea rinse for $12.00

All prices are inclusive of GST.