Pre-School: 4 Private Sessions – $110

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For pups that have started but not yet completed their vaccinations.

“Cases of fatal behavioural issues far out- number cases of fatal puppy diseases”

Puppies are born inquisitive and needing to learning about the world around them. As your pups new mentor it is up to you to ensure she gets lots and lots of opportunity to learn about everything in her new world. By the time she reaches 12 weeks she should have experienced hundreds of new people, animals, sounds and smells. She should have walked on different floor surfaces, travelled in the car many times, been to friends’ houses, met children seen lorries and road works heard fireworks and thunder, played with different toys and anything else you can show her – all before she is 12 weeks old.

“The clock is ticking for your puppy to ensure a successful, behaviour issue-free lifetime”

The good news for puppy owners is that Pet Dog School Puppy Pre-school can provide many, many experiences in the one place. With our purpose built centre and enormous imagination for creating ‘real world’ experiences we can provide timely owner education and appropriate play and experiences which will create confident, outgoing, calm, friendly pups with social skills that will last a lifetime.

Pay for 4 sessions – just $110 or pay as you go for $35 per session.

Our pre-school pups usually go on to our puppy course and are always top of the class!

Whenever you and your puppy meet up with Sarah or Tiffany, you will spend the time talking about and learning puppy stuff that fits EXACTLY with where you both are at that time.

You will talk and play and walk around our beautiful dog proof paddock while we find out what you already know. All owners are unique and all puppies are individuals so we don’t waste time talking about stuff you already know or are already having success with.

Once we have ascertained how clever you are we simply concentrate on making sure you are ALWAYS one step ahead of your pup and able to guide it in the best way towards it becoming the best dog EVER!

Our shop stocks toys, treats and training aids that we recommend so you are able to purchase and practice stuff we discuss to make it EVEN easier to use your new found knowledge.

You are welcome to bring children along to all classes; a family dog needs the whole family to understand their responsibility and how to care for it. Even little family members can learn how to do this better and you learn how to ensure dogs and small people live safely and happily together.

Also be sure to download and fill in the registration forms before coming in. If you are unable to do so, don’t worry, we will fill them in with you when you first come.

Registration Forms