Product Information

Our small but beautifully formed shop stocks pre-cut training treats ready for every class, training aids like puppy training crates, 8m long leads for recall and off lead training, slow release food toys to help with separation anxiety and beat boredom like treat balls, Kongs™, and Gorrilla™. Walking aids, puppy teething toys, and selection of recommended chews. And for the humans; bottles of water, energy drinks and chocolate bars (or ‘brain food’ as I like to think of it!)

We also stock and take orders for all Eukanuba premium food and are proud to stock 100% Kiwi made Ziwipeak dry and tinned foods as well as their oral health products to promote healthy, natural chewing habits. ZiwiPeak is made from all new Zealand products and is perfect for small, fussy eaters.

We also stock the world famous Thunder shirt™ and successfully use these regularly with our hyperactive daycare dogs and nervous and reactive dogs in training classes.

Order your dog his or her own Thundershirt™ now and find out what thousands of trainers, vets and owners already know – a Thundershirt™ hug goes a long, long way.


ThundershirtBUY NOW
We feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to help their pet with this amazing product and with the manufacturers “Money back” guarantee means every unhappy pet owner can, without the risk of losing money, provide a drug free solution to their behaviourally challenged pet.

Issues that Thundershirt™ can help with;

  • Aggression
  • Crate training
  • Fear of thunder/fireworks
  • Fear of vet visits
  • Hyperactivity
  • Lead pulling
  • Nervousness
  • Phobias
  • Problem barking
  • Separation anxiety

…and more

How it works

Made from soft, machine washable, stretch fabric and fitted with a number of strategically placed velcro strips the easy to fit, super comfortable Thundershirt™ uses gentle, constant pressure effectively helps your dog calm itself.

Available in sizes to fit the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane.

The full range will be available to buy online soon and there will be FREE postage to anywhere in New Zealand! Be sure to check back here soon.

All sizes are priced the same; $69 with a 45 day money back guarantee.


Training Crates Hire to Buy

Bringing up a puppy correctly is hard work, but should be a wonderful experience – for everyone concerned.

Because we know that using a puppy training crate provides error-free toilet training, creates a lifelong chew toy habit and thus prevents house destruction, boredom barking, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, escaping and keeping your puppy physically safe while your life prevents you from being with it – we have made it easy and inexpensive for all owners to provide their puppy with a cosy den/crate.

From as little as $5 per week owners can set up their crate and be given comprehensive advice on how to use their crate BEFORE their pup arrives in their home. Then, from the very start pup will feel safe, be safe and begin learning how to be a happy, balanced pleasure to live with – and that’s exactly what new owners want and all new puppies deserve.

Size Buy Hire per month
Tiny 22” $100 $25
Very small 24” $110 $32
Small 30” $165 $36
Medium 36” $185 $40
Large 42” $245 $48
Very large 48” $290 $56


We know your dog will love the security of her crate throughout her lifetime – you’ll love that she can use it to travel safely in the car or go on holiday and have her own bedroom to sleep in; and that is why, while you are hiring your crate you are actually paying to own it. AND, to help you own it even more quickly, we sell the best quality crates at the best, affordable, prices.

A comfortable fit for all breeds:

Size 0 22” Chihuahua, Maltese, Miniature Dachshund
Size 1 24” Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Papillion
Size 2 30” Min’ Schnauzer, Aus. Terrier,
Size 3 36” Cocker Spaniel, Kelpie, Fox Terrier
Size 4 42” Labrador, Springer Spaniel, Retriever, Boxer
Size 5 48” German Shepherd, Pointer

Introducing ZiwiPeak Foods

Natural, 100% New Zealand made pet nutrition.

A natural balanced meat and organic diet with added vitamins and minerals.
Raw food without the fuss.

No preservatives, colours, added salt or sugar, no fillers and no grains.

5th September Online ordering coming later this week. Check back soon, or give us a call!