Really enjoyed all the classes – the one on ones were amazing – learnt so much, gave me confidence in how to behave etc. Answered all my questions. Thank you Sarah – you are wonderful with dogs and with people. from a confidential puppy course survey 2011

I wish we had have done this [class] with our other dogs! Also special thanks to Sarah for taking the time to speak loud and clear to my hard-of-hearing husband. Most people don’t bother. You have been brilliant and I recommend to all dog owners.

Kim and Finn

Thank you for giving me the confidence to use a training crate with my un-toilet trained rescue dog. Our family was arguing over her and we had decided we just couldn’t keep her. One week after starting with the crate she is having no more accidents and our whole family love her and want to keep her. brilliant, thank you. answer machine message following telephone consultation

Over the last 4 years I have found the time I’ve spent training with Sarah Hesketh to be invaluable. In the beginning my Border collie wasn’t interested in doing a thing I said, he constantly pulled on the lead, lunged at other dogs, and would not come when called – which was the worst of all the problems – It seemed like these bad habits were impossible to fix and I got to the point where I was ready to just give up. But along came Sarah, always enthusiastic and willing to help, no problem too big or too small for her to handle. My dog is now my best friend, who see’s me as a pack leader, who listens and is constantly looking to me for direction. He has had a complete turnaround, his bad behaviour now just a distant memory! Sarah’s new training venue is great as we can go along and work indoors with fewer distractions, even when it’s raining and in the winter months when it gets dark early. We enjoy going along on Wednesday nights for agility training and to have a play with the other dogs. It feels great to conquer the different challenges Sarah throws our way, from the basic obedience work to most recently the Fly-gility, which Zip seems to really love. Sarah has become a great friend over the years, we wish her all the best with the new premises and “Pet Dog School” and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Charlotte and Zippy

When I purchased my determined and strong willed puppy “Lola”, I wondered what on earth had hit me!! I rang Sarah Hesketh and was very impressed with her enthusiasm and helpful advice. I booked into puppy school, I had the naughtiest pup in class and to begin with I felt like Lola was a lost cause and would never behave or be the dog I had dreamt of owning. But it was the best thing!! Within months I had learnt many dog handling skills and tactics to deal with these undesirable behaviours. Lola was well on her way to being the well behaved and much loved pooch that she has become. Sarah explained why she would do the infuriating things that she did, and I began to understand her behaviour and the reasons behind it, which in turn made it easier to identify what makes my dog “click”. Often I would send Sarah a distressed txt, I always received a helpful reply, (Sarahs humour always helped me to laugh about it later!). Lola is living proof that with the right advice, patience, understanding and training, your dog can become the best dog that they can be! I’m very grateful to Sarah for her hard work, knowledge and patience. I can guarantee that you and your four legged friend will enjoy her classes and will be begging you for more!

Kate Wanganui

Thank you Sarah, for all your help over the years.


My now 2 year old German Shepherd, Zoe, and I have been coming to Pet Dog School for 18 months and have been privileged to have been part of Sarah’s positive, gentle, effective training methods. We have benefitted greatly from one on one sessions, group walks and the weekly classes. I have also taken advantage of the new service – Doggy Daycare. Zoe came home exhausted having enjoyed a day of supervised play and fun with other dogs. Sarah is an inspirational, knowledgeable trainer who motivates and educates humans. She has an uncanny ability to ‘read’ dogs (she is Wanganui’s very own ‘Dog Whisperer’) and her classes are always fun and challenging for both dogs and handlers. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sarah. She goes the extra mile for all her students and we are all given her individual attention at classes – the benefit of keeping groups small. Thanks to Sarah, Zoe is well on the way to becoming the best dog she can be and we look forward to continuing working with Sarah and the rest of the team at Pet Dog School. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Sarah to anyone wanting dog training. You certainly couldn’t do better than working with this very friendly, open and honest lady, who does the very best for every dog in her care.

Linda Manning and Zoe

I called in the services of Sarah to help us with our small dog that was misbehaving in a lot of different ways and had become out of control which was affecting the whole family. Sarah’s advice was fantastic and it was obvious she had a great understanding of dogs, their behaviour and what it means. I found her friendly, easy to talk to and she listened to everything I had to say. She even gave me tips to help with our other dog who was not misbehaving but needed a bit of training. What she got the dogs doing in a very short period of time was amazing and I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a puppy or grown dog that needs to learn how to train their dog properly, or needs a bit of help with any behaviour issues they may have. Five star service!! Thank you so much for all your help Sarah!!

Melissa M

Sarah at the Pet dog school has given me the skills and confidence to have two happy well balanced dogs. I started at Pet dog school with one very unhappy and unbalanced dog and one bull terrier! Through dedication to improving dogs lives in Wanganui Sarah’s friendly advice and hands on training delivered in an easy and understandable manner has turned my relationship with my dogs on its head, it now being a happy union of dogs and human. Sarah worked at turning me, the owner, into a positive role model for my dogs giving them clear, concise and consistent rules. Without Sarah I’m not sure where my dogs would be now…….alive but miserable. Sarah is an asset to the Wanganui dog population, teaching us humans to live in harmony with our canine companions. I would recommend her to anybody who wants a long and happy, amicable life with their furry friend.

Clevely Wanganui