Pet Dog School believes every dog deserves a great owner and every owner gets the dog they deserve.


Based 6 minutes from the centre of the River City is Whanganui’s only purpose-built facility providing dog owners with the highest level of doggy daycare, behaviour advice and modification training, obedience training and grooming. Long and short term over-night homestays at staff members homes is also offered to Pet Dog School doggy clients.

Driven by a love of dogs and the desire to see owners enjoy the very best relationship they can with their canine companions Pet Dog School dogs are cared for by experienced, knowledgeable and loving staff. Working tirelessly for ‘their’ dogs, staff are supported by owner, Sarah Hesketh, a behavioural trainer with over 40 years experience teaching owners and their dogs in the UK and here in NZ.

If you love your dog, want the very best relationship, want to provide it with a super fun social life, need a home- away-from-home place for a sleepover, want to understand each other better or simply want to give it a super cool haircut…

Contact Pet Dog School today and Experience the Difference!


Operates Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm, Closed Public Holidays.

Give your dog a break from being home alone. Constantly supervised dogs play, explore and chill out in our, beautiful paddocks, wilderness hill, Hobbiton, swimming pool and sandy beach. Inside our climate-controlled building is the lounge, personal sleeping places, sofas and loads of cosy dog beds – if it’s fun, social or experiencing new stuff – we do it.

* Dogs must be booked in by 6pm the night before you intend on bringing them to their play session.
* Dogs who have been away from Pet Dog School for 3 months or more must attend another Meet & Greet to ensure they are still suitable for school.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

TimeTypeFurther Info
7:45am - 9:00amDrop OffEarly bird option drop off from 7:30am (pay $5 extra).
12:00pm – 2:00pmDrop Off / Pick UpLunch Drop Off / Pick Up
4:00pm – 6:00pmPick UpAll evening pick ups.


Your dog needs to be:

  • Friendly with other dogs and new people.
  • Fully vaccinated within the 12 months preceding their first visit. Vaccinations must include;
  • Canine (kennel) Cough
  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis (only required if you travel north of Taupo with your dog).
  • Healthy and free of contagious illness.
  • De-sexed if older than 9 months in the case of males and after their first season for females.
    Dogs coming for the first time under 9 months old or females still waiting for their first season, or due to be de-sexed, are warmly welcomed before they are de-sexed as this period in their life is the most important time to practice and learn social skills. So the younger your puppy is when starting daycare the better.

If you would like to register your dog for Daycare download the form below. Please save it to your computer, fill it out and email it to . We will print the form and have you sign it next time you are in. Otherwise, just print it and fill it out yourself and bring it with you next time you visit Pet Dog School.

Meet & Greet

A Meet and Greet usually lasts about 15 minutes but there is no rush. We proudly show you and your dog around and you both get to meet some of our wonderful daycare dogs. We collect your completed Owner Information form and check and take a copy of your dog’s vaccination booklet.

If your dog passes the Meet and Greet it gets to stay for the rest of the day at no extra cost.


Clients pay by Direct Banking and will be given a unique Client Number if they do not already have one. Cash and EFTPOS will still be accepted for those unable to pay by direct banking however.

Speed Limit

Please drive down our driveway with your foot on the break in 2nd gear keeping your speed to walking pace. We are finding it is offending people when we ask for the 4th and 5th time to respect our speed limit (5kmh) and the safety of other carpark users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog have to come on the same day each week?
No. We may recommend the best day for your dog’s first few visits during your Meet & Greet to allow it to settle in, but it is entirely up to you what day and how many days a week you allow your dog to come and play.
Do I have to call when I want to bring my dog?

We have a super cool booking app that allows you to book your dog in from your phone or laptop. To find out more click here.

Will my dog get to rest during the day?
Yes. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon all dogs are given a treat and provided with their own space for some time away from the excitement of the pack – silence prevails. Some dogs choose to go and rest in the lounge, even during play time. Here they can stretch out or snuggle into sofas and their choice of soft dog beds.
Will you tell me what my dog does during the day?
Try to stop us! During the day your dog’s carers are permanently sharing information about their little (or not so little) charges; who they play with, a new game they invent, puppies or new dogs they take under their wing and improved or new behaviour. So, at pick up time, we can’t wait to tell you EXACTLY what your dog has been doing. Our Facebook page is regularly updated so you can often see your dog’s new best friend, how much fun the pool was, how cosy the lounge is or how big the stick they found actually was.
Will you tell me if my dog is unhappy?
Definitely. We try our utmost to ensure every dog has the best day possible, every day. However sometimes dogs simply don’t want to be at school anymore and that’s OK. It is important to us that we speak on behalf of your dog – after all it can’t tell you how it feels. So please don’t be offended if we tell you that your dog might prefer to come less often, for a half day instead of a full day, or not at all.
Do you have a taxi service?

Yes. Charges can be found in the pricing section. Call the office to arrange pick up or drop off or both.

Is 7:45am the earliest I can drop off my dog?
No. You can drop your dog off at school from 7:30am (no earlier please) we just charge you $5.00 extra. If you need to drop your dog off even earlier (maybe you have a plane to catch) then we can arrange for you to drop your dog off at a staff members home and he or she will bring your dog into school for you. There is a $15.00 charge for this. Or you can book our taxi, you don’t have to be home for us to pick your dog up.
What if I can’t get back by 6:00pm?
Don’t panic. Phone us as soon as your plans go awry, and we can organise a taxi to take your dog home or a staff member can take it home with them and you can pick it up on your return. There is a $10.00 pick-up fee from staff homes.
Can you administer medication or give my dog his own food during the day?
Yes. Give us your dog’s medication and exact instructions and we can give pills, worm and flea treatments, apply creams and administer eye and ear drops. We can also arrange appointments and take your dog to the vet if you are unable to and will certainly do this if the need arises during the day. You will be contacted if a vet visit becomes necessary while your dog is in our care. Feeding: At nap time all the dogs get a small handful of good quality dog quibble but if your dog is on a special diet, bring a labelled packed lunch and we will give them that.
What do I do when my bitch comes into season?
Bitches can come into season between 6 and 18 months old. Plan to keep her at home for two weeks after you first see her bleeding and at least 1 week after she finishes bleeding. We can provide you with the contact details of our taxi driver who runs a business caring for animals in their own homes. She can visit and let your dog out to toilet during the day if you are unable to.
Can I get my dog groomed while it is at daycare?
Our groomers get very booked up but spaces are occasionally available if booked a few weeks in advance, so please ask.

For our daycare dogs we trim nails, empty anal glands, trim bottoms and eyes and fringes for FREE – you only have to ask.

Daycare and Training Package

We’re excited to introduce to you our new Daycare and Training Package for just $20 on top of the normal $40 full-day daycare fee!

Our training is very much designed around the needs of each individual dog.

The first things we work on;

1) Pulling on lead
2) Jumping up
3) Concentrating on the hooman at the end of the lead.

Then, over as many weeks as you wish your dog to continue, we work on;

1) Ignoring other dogs while on the lead
2) Recall
3) Confidence
4) Basic agility
5) Tricks
6) We can train or help practice right up to Canine Good Citizen level Gold if that is what your dog is doing at classes – and everything in between.

This awesome service provides something different for regular daycare dogs and the added benefit of socialising and fun for pets of owners specifically wanting training for their dogs.

Your dog must be able to pass our Meet & Greet, as he or she will spend the day at daycare with us while training.

Sadly we cannot accept dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs although excitability around other dogs is ok and something we work on.

Depending on your dog and what you want for it, as long as they come to daycare and as long as you want us to train, our experienced trainers can teach whatever suits you and your dogs’ needs.

Help, advice, notes and training will be given to owners.


Bookings Essential

The Grooming Room at Pet Dog School is a busy, busy place. From a quick bath and nail trim to a full breed or personality specific groom – your dog will come out feeling, cleaner and more comfortable as well as beautiful or cute as a button.


We will make your next appointment while your dog is being groomed and provide a detailed appointment card at pick up time. We then remind you of your appointment and request confirmation the day before. Because our grooming room is so popular, we appreciate you cancelling an unwanted appointment as soon as you can. A charge will be made for missed appointments that have not been previously cancelled by phone, email or text.

Personal Style

We know your dog’s own personal style is very important, so we make sure we ask at every appointment what is to be done today. This gives you the opportunity to ask for a little more off or a little more left on or whatever new style you fancy. We carry an array of special shampoos and conditioners so sensitive or itchy skin or annoying fleas can be addressed. We are happy to use shampoo you supply and prescription shampoo too – no extra charge!

Health Check

All dogs are given a health check while being groomed. Lumps, warts, hair loss, anal glands, sore feet, dirty ears and much more will all be looked at and dealt with, where possible. Any concerns will be discussed with you at pick up time.


Your dog will be in the grooming room with other dogs and we are also happy to allow them to play with the daycare dogs while they wait to be picked up if they would like to. Because of this we do need all grooming clients to be fully vaccinated including the highly contagious Canine (kennel) Cough.


Pricing and availability; occasional spaces are available in the grooming room. Prices range from $80 – $110

Pet Dog School Price List

Daycare Pricing

Daycare payments, including Taxi, Early / Late Drop Off and Pick Ups, Crate Hire and Shop Items should be made to:

Ref: Dogs Name / Client No. / Date or Item Being Paid For.

Meet & GreetIncludes leaving your dog for its first play session afterwards if you’d like to. If you have 2 dogs the fee covers both for the Meet & Greet and you pay normal session fee for 1 dog if you leave them both to play.$40.00
Half DayIndividual visit morning or afternoon.$30.00
Full DayIndividual visit for entire day.$40.00
5 x Half DaysConcession card. Save $5.00 on full price.$145.00
5 x Full DaysConcession card. Save $10.00 on full price.$190.00
11 x Half DaysConcession card. Save $30.00 on full price.$300.00
11 x Full DaysConcession card. Save $40.00 on full price.$400.00
Taxi (1-Way)Pick Up / Drop Off Service.$10.00
Early Drop OffFrom 7:30am.$5.00
Really Early Drop OffAt staff member's home.$15.00
Late Pick UpFrom staff member's home.$15.00

*Concession cards must be paid for in advance. 2 dog concession cards are for dogs always visiting together.

Training Pricing

Daycare and Training PackageTraining for dogs that are attending full day daycare.$60.00
($20 on top of normal $40 full daycare fee)

Grooming Pricing

Grooming payments should be made to:

Ref: Dog’s Name / Client No. / Date of Groom

Based on SizePricing and availability; occasional spaces are available in the grooming room. Prices range from $80 - $110Contact us

Crate Hire

Great for rearing the perfect puppy.

  • Directly help prevent future annoying, inappropriate or dangerous behaviour.
  • Keep your puppy or dog and your home safe from harm and damage.
  • Help rehabilitating pets remain calm and safe – our training crates have provided safety and support for cats, kittens, hedgehogs, pigeons, chickens, piglets, lambs and, of course, thousands of dogs.

Payment TypeDescriptionCost
DepositYour deposit pays for 10 days hire.$30.00
Hire FeeYour deposit followed by per day fee until returned. Specially designed water buckets are provided free for hire period.
/ day
/ week
Hire to BuyIf you choose to buy a new crate from us once you have hired one, we subtract the hire money already paid from the cost of a new crate.Varies

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